Navy Field

Navy Field 1.267

A multiplayer online Naval warfare game, with aging graphics

Navy Field is a massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game, based on World War II naval warfare. View full description


  • Tons of real life WWII ships
  • Detailed
  • Battle gameplay easy to pick up


  • Ship setup is incomprehensible to land lubbers
  • Graphics look really old

Not bad

Navy Field is a massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game, based on World War II naval warfare.

The first thing to mention about Navy Field is that it's certainly complicated, and while there are introductory missions, learning how to play take s a long time. This is strictly for naval battle fans. It operates like a typical RPG - you start off small, gain experience points bit by bit and over time you become more and more powerful.

The back end of the game is about choosing ships, equipping them well, picking the right sailors and so on. The ships are all historically accurate, according to the developers, so for WWII afficionados there's a lot to look at. The preparation screens are really complicated, and it takes a while to get to grips with what you're supposed to do here!

The action takes place on a pseudo 3D ocean, with ship sprites that don't rotate smoothly, only flicking between different views every 45 degrees. This is no modern 3D game! However, the battles manage to be both strategic and pretty east to get the hang of. Your guns behave realistically, so you always have to think ahead when firing, so your ship maintains the optimal angle for attacking. The bland, poorly animated graphics won't hold your interest for long though.

Navy Field is free to play, but you can pay for points if you're impatient and buy bigger and better equipment. Navy fans will definitely appreciate the attention to detail in parts of Navy Field, but its aging gameplay and graphics are quite a put off.

Navy Field is a fairly deep massively multiplayer online naval game, which requires a lot of time to get into, and suffers from poor visuals.

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